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GTNXi 750 Pop-Up / Air Manager Question
Hello all,

I searched for answers to the following questions and was not able to locate answers.

I am using my GTNXi 750 as a pop-up using right alt-click and then moving it to an external touch screen that is also running Air Manger.  Thus far I have shrunk the size of the Air Manager window with my instruments on it to a size that allows me to add the pop-up GTN window to the same monitor over to the side of the shrunken Air Manager window.  I must use my mouse to interact with the GTN yet it works relatively well.  The only problem is when I want to interact with the Direct-To function of the GTN.  Since there is no bezel on the pop-up window I have to clumsily mouse to the main sim window and interact with the direct-to button there.  So my questions are:

1) Is there a way to include a bezel with a functional "Direct-to" button around the pop-up window?

2) Has anybody been able to integrate the GTNXi into Air Manager and make the interface touchable on a touch screen including the bezel with "home" and "Direct-to" buttons.


Kyle Lemon

At this moment we can't include a bezel in the MSFS style pop-up.
However, we do have a way to control the home/dto key by assigning key commands, we strongly suggest asking this in our Discord where we have customers running AirManager.
One video that may be of interest is this:
(04-12-2023, 11:48 PM)Kylemon Wrote: 2) Has anybody been able to integrate the GTNXi into Air Manager and make the interface touchable on a touch screen including the bezel with "home" and "Direct-to" buttons.


I created Air Manager bezels for the both the GTNXi 750 and 650 over a year ago. They still require the popout window from the GTNXi, but the bezel is fully functional including all the long-press functions. They're available for download from the Simstrumentation web site for free here:

You'll also find a ton of instruments for a bunch of other aircraft there. Some are already natively available in the Air Manager Community Store (like the G1000NXi, CJ4 instrument, Kodiak, for example). Others need to be downloaded directly from, like the GTN. We offer bezels for both the TDS and PMS50 variants of the GTN as separate instruments. 

If you want touch support in MSFS, you'll need to grab the MSFS Popout Panel Manager from here:

This will not only place and resize your windows automatically better than Asobo's half-hearted new SU12 feature, but also allows you to enable touch screen support on selected popout windows. Note that it does this via a touch to mouse emulation layer, so there's a bit of latency, and you can't multi-touch to use pinch to zoom as you can on the real unit. But otherwise, it's a must-have tool with Air Manager and popouts as far as I'm concerned.

For more direct support of Simstrumentation Air Manager instruments, consider joining our Discord at

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