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  Excellent product. Couple questions
Posted by: sglover01 - Yesterday, 03:03 AM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (1)

First off, I just want to give the whole team kudos for an excellent product and great integration into MSFS.  I have 5 years experience IRL with the 750 in a c208 (stand-alone, it’s been awhile and will admit I’m a bit rusty),  it’s greatly improved my fltsim experience.
  I just have a couple question,
A) is it possible to sync the 2 units? So entering a flt plan on one auto loads on the other?
B) is it possible to hardcode the aircraft ID on the transponder page?


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  Low Res Option & Airport Missing
Posted by: SadSky - 11-28-2022, 03:16 PM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (1)

First, let me thank you again for this wonderful product. I'm kind of a newbe concerning Garmin Gps stuff. I'm back to sim after a couple months break moving to a new house. I was wondering if you could provide me some info.

1. Can I still use safely the ''TwoScreensLowerResolution'' file that you provided me back then or there is a new update or maybe it's not compatible anymore?

2. Since last time I flew, one of my fav airport is not showing anymore. It's a decommissioned airport since a couple year, but it was showing on the map prior. Did you made any update to the database?

3. Do I need to update the Garmin Trainer software? I see that there is multiple version of the GTN Xi and there is also a TXi that is at the version. I am a bit confused on what to do.

4. Where can I download the last version of the manual (Sorry to ask)?

5. Do you have any discord channel?

Again, thank you so much.

Be safe, fly safe

: )

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  Flight Plan in Aircraft?
Posted by: FlyerCraig - 11-28-2022, 01:36 AM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (3)

Hi,  I put a flight plan in the 650, but that doesn't seem to copy to the aircraft's navigation (I don't see it on the G1000 in either the default 172 or DA40).  So, my autopilot won't follow the flight plan.

This is in the latest version of MFSF 2020.

The settings on the 650 seem to be correct.


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  Cessna 310R Bendix King Autopilot not lit
Posted by: Gunslinger9155 - 11-27-2022, 09:23 AM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (11)

I have successfully installed the TDS GNS750xi on my Cessna 310R.  Works great love it.  However, neither the autopilot nor ADF systems appear lit.  As a consequence i cannot see what altitudes, etc i have entered into the autopilot.  Looks like a display issue, because i am able to manipulate the autopilot, I just can't see what I've entered.

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  I did nothing worng, changed nothing and now tds product ceases to work
Posted by: Nico19 - 11-27-2022, 06:30 AM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (4)

My issue started with loading the sim and GTNXI and then loading up the c414 and noticed the avionics wouldn't power up. I tried cleaning out my old community files to clear any possible conflict and i tried to reinstall the  PC trainer. however im only able to uninstall the "flight simulator" product and the trainer remains install with the version of The TDS gps manager tells me the available versions are - - - and being the most recent it shows available. ( so I have v3.5.3.0 but is the latest available??? mega confused now). next I tried reinstalling the trainer trough tthe gps manager and chose (shown to be as recommended version). once it was done installing in the manager it took me to the Garmin installer where it tells me there is a fatal error code 0x80070643 along with and attached image to show the additional Garmin log files. I did what it told me and tried to log the isue through the garminrror report it gave me and it doesn't even let me submit anything. 

additionally it also is now telling me nothing is installed in the TDS flightsim app even though i cannot reinstall another version  because it tells me there is one already installed that i have no idea how to remove. I think at this point im to dumb to understand whats going on with my 50$ addon, I will try to add as many screenshots to try and make my point clearer. I have no idea what to do, any kind of help would be greatly appreciated,

Im guessing i need to uninstall the previous trainer version but it doesn't seem possible

also important to add, when i tried going to discord support from the website it had me give my phone number (which i already used for my account) for verfication and then it tried to make a whole other account using my phone number and now i cant use my own number for my account becasue yall attached it to some random ass account when it redirected me, this whole thing has been so confusing and awful. Im sorry if i cannot make it make sense

literally everything that could go wrong when worng

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  Navigraph Charts support in TDS GTNxi
Posted by: Jonit - 11-26-2022, 01:42 PM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (1)

Saw some treads on this forum regarding support for Navigraph charts in TDS GTNxi, but no answers if it is in the works? 

In my opinion TDS GTNxi is far the best option for an GTN750/650 in MSFS, but the lack of updated charts for the world is a big let down, and here the PMS option is far ahead. 
I know the PMS option is not a "real" Garmin GTN but the Navigraph charts feature is top noth, and far ahead of the TDS option at this point.

I know that you wont promise us anything, but is this subject being worked on in any way?

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  GPS to VLOC switch over
Posted by: Captain744 - 11-23-2022, 01:23 AM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - No Replies

Iv noticed after flying a few approaches with my Justflight arrow and warrior that the auto switch from GPS to VLOC does not happen.  I just get a message asking me to switch. I then have to activate the ILS frequency and press the CDI button. Is this because this feature depends on the planes own real life avionics?
Also sometimes have issues when pressing the cdi button from gps mode to VLOC. VLOC say on for a second then switches back to gps (physical nav/gps button will not move) But if on VLOC mode pressing the cdi will switch to gps mode along with the mechanical nav/gps button on the piper physically switching.
Pressing the Nav/gps switch on the piper Will reliably switch modes gps and VLOC.

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  VC vs Standalone
Posted by: CaptainOver - 11-22-2022, 04:44 AM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (2)

So I'm curious what people are using, as I'm having problems with both on an external touch screen.

The standalone EXE works pretty well and can be launched on the 2nd screen maximized and receive touch input.  The main problem here is that as soon as I interact with it, the keyboard focus is moved, so FS won't receive any commands until I manually click back to the FS window.  Is this expected? Or are there any commons utilities folks are using to get the focus to switch back to FS after a second or so?  Also, on the 310, there are 2 GPS panels.  When I use the standalone EXE, both of them go black.  Ideally there would be a way to still have one of them active in the VC while the other is external (for instance, I'm using the 650Xi external, as the aspect ratio works better for my screen), so would love to still have the 750 in the VC.  

The Virtual Cockpit integration is a bit wonky (on the Cessna 310).  If I move around to just the right place, I can right-alt click and snap out the TDS window.  Otherwise it seems to always find the standard Asobo GPS windows - even though they are invisible.  Once I have the window, I can move it to the second screen and maximize for input, but unfortunately touch doesn't seem to work correctly.  I can drag the map around OK, but when I try pressing buttons, I hear an odd ding sound rather than the usual button click - and the button doesn't work.  Maybe it is handling mouse vs touch differently.   Also, I don't get a bezel if I use the VC integration, so that makes things harder, but workable.  So the VC mode is probably the best for the 310 if I can get the mouse/touch working correctly.

Anyway, I'm interested in what works best for folks.

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  Screens frozen during flight
Posted by: CaptainOver - 11-21-2022, 09:03 PM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (5)

Doing a long flight last night, switching in and out of external views to admire the scenery and I eventually noticed that the GTNXi had stopped updating (both devices on the 310) and I had far overshot my turn.  I could hear sounds when I clicked the knob/menu button, but the touchscreens didn't respond - and even stayed lit when I toggled the avionics master in desperation.  Sounds like it maybe lost its connection to the back-end?
Are there any logs/debug info I can grab or view if this happens again?

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  gtnxi installed , not showing it
Posted by: william park - 11-21-2022, 08:38 AM - Forum: TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator - Replies (3)


i have installed the trainer and another one  and bought justflight pa28 arrow and configured  avonics and setting.   but running msfs , i still see old default pa28 gauge , no digital display at all

please help

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