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I am using the TDS GPS Manager version released 17.12.2021 in administrator mode.

When I update my version to, I get an error message: "Download Error :78".

Can you please help me?

Thank you very much  Smile

Filipo (France)

Can you please try again?
(12-31-2021, 02:29 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]Hello,

Can you please try again?

Same here.  And I tried again, and again..
It is a bit odd. Can you attempt redownloading the TDS GPS Manager from the My Account page?
I redownloaded the TDS GPS Manager from the My Account page

TDS MANAGER version now

The error message: "Download Error :78" again /// Administrator Mode and No Antivirus and No Firewall

We just confirmed a fix. Please try again now.
Thanks for the fix, it works now

Great to have help even on December 31st !

Have a nice evening and best wishes

From France