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Full Version: TDS GTNXi featured in Black Square's TBM 850
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We are pleased to announce the release of the Black Square's TBM 850 which features a full TDS GTNXi VC Integration.
The Black Square TBM 850 contains a highly advanced turbo aspirated engine variant, making it shine with the TDS GTNXi as the GPS navigator choice. We have worked closely with Black Square to properly and correctly integrated the TDS GTNXi and we are confident that customers will enjoy Black Square's offering as well as the proper TDS GTNXi which will enjoy the innovative features and systems such as: high detailed turbine engine failures, electrical, fuel, pressurization, temperature, nav signal degradation and much more!

The Black Square TBM 850 can be purchased from Just Flight:

The TDS GTNXi for MSFS can be purchased from TDS Sim Software:

[Image: blacksquaretbm850.jpg]

I can't get the TDS to work with the BS TBM850. when i press on the Blue SD cart, i get a white screen. Any idea on how to fix ?

[Image: image.png]
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