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Full Version: How to update my TDS GTNXi?
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I saw a post saying that there is an update

However, maybe i have misunderstood something or i am missing something but i can\'t follow the instruction in that post.

See text below:

To update, start the Aviation Trainer Launcher, access the Version Manager tab, make sure to press the "Check for Updates" button, then "Update" to the latest Aviation Trainer Launcher.
Alternatively you can use the TDS GPS Manager and Update to the Aviation Trainer Launcher V3.6.4.0

I only have the panels in the cockpit of the planes and i also have the TDS GTNXi Flight Sim - as an icon and if i click on that i see this screen. Only for configuration i think

I don't seem to have either the TDS GPS Manager or the Aviation Trainer Launcher.
If i launch a plane with the GTNXi panels (in my case the C414) and fire them up, it says 20.20.10 Trainer in the window and that i have TDS version Is this the trainer launcher?

I feel that i am missing something here. I tried to find out on the tdssim webpage as well but i can't find anything about this there. 

Can anyone help me? 

PS. I tried to include screenshots but the file size was too big.

Thanks / Jan
Hello Jan,

Let's take it one step at a time, first update the PC Trainer, to do this, you need to search for it in your Start menu:
"Aviation Trainer Launcher"

After you find it, navigate to the Version Manager tab, click on Check for Updates, then update to the base V3.6.4.0
Once it is complete, repeat the process, but after clicking on Check for Updates, scroll down until you find GTN Xi PC Trainer V20.30.8 and click on update.

Let us know once you have completed the two steps above.

Sorry for delay in answering.

I don't have the "Aviation trainer Launcher". I only have "Garmin aviation trainers" and if i open it, i see an update option. Installed ver and available ver
I don't have a version manager tab.

I clicked "install update" but i get a message saying "The downloaded update could not be validated. Please try again"
Error details: The update file is not signed by a trusted provider

Best rgs / Jan
Hello Jan,

Can you please send us a screenshot of what you have stated above to our support address:

Thank you.

Sent a mail now to your support mail address.

Br /Jan