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Full Version: Flight Plan Sync
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New user :-)

When I use the 750 in stand alone mode I am able to import a flight plan (Exported from LNM), however, this import does not sync to the G3X in the Cub Crafter. The Radios/NAVs and Transponder all sync but not the flight path.



At this stage we do not send the TDS GTNXi flight plan to MSFS, so it will not be displayed in the G3X.
Is this planned?
While we can't say anything for certain, we hope to implement this in the future.
Ok, thanks for your reply.

I bought the software hoping to use the 750 on my tablet but also noticed it doesn't work in both tablet and VC at the same time.

For now i will continue with the PMS50 but i will look forward to both these issues getting updated.

I hope you don't see the lack of active users as a sign i don't want your software, its just i wait for more features.


Beanie :-)
Thank you for your input, we have made a note of it.