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Full Version: FlySimWare Learjet 35A with TDS GTNXi Support!
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The FlySimWare Learjet 35A Early Access has been released for MSFS and features the TDS GTNXi 750 in the Virtual Cockpit!

The TDS GTNXi transforms the Learjet 35A by adding the modern GPS navigator feel to an excellent classic business jet!

More information and to purchase the FlySimWare Learjet 35A Early Access can be found here:

[Image: fswlj35.jpg]

Maybe this is a general question, and not directly related to the 35A, but on a couple flights I flew with the 35A today, I tried to change the Nav frequency (Type a new one in) and as soon I did, it didn't take and reverted to what was there before. What would cause this? 

Hello, please create a different thread on this, letting us know it can be replicated as well as the TDS GTNXi version.
Ok, thank you. I think you answered my question, this should not happen under normal operation.
We are glad to hear this, please enjoy the TDS GTNXi!