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Full Version: TDS GTNXi featured in Hype Performance Group H160
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We are pleased to announce the release of the Hype Performance Group H160 which features a full TDS GTNXi VC Integration.

The HPG H160 is the most advanced helicopter produced for MSFS to date, featuring advanced avionics and highly detailed systems, a key feature being the advanced helicopter auto-flight control system .

The TDS GTNXi can be selected in the HPG H160 from the EFB (virtual tablet) Options tab located on the right side of the cockpit.

The TDS GTNXi completes it very well by offering these specific helicopter features:
HTAWS, Obstacle Wire Display, SAR (Search and Rescue Patterns).

The H160 can be purchased from Hype Performance Group:

The TDS GTNXi for MSFS can be purchased from TDS Sim Software:
[Image: hpg160.jpg]