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Full Version: How to update to latest Navigraph data?
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Hi Folks!
     I use the King Air with your addon but the database is out of date.  I see in the forum the ability to upgrade to 2011 but the current version is 2308!  Hard to plan flights using current data when your interface (750) has out of date procedures.  Any way around this?
OK.  I've booted my plane and gone to the screen to update, but when I try to access databases, it says none are available.  How do I update my navigation databases so they are not stuck on 11/22?    I have included image of my screen.  Anyone?  I have the latest version installed but only the older database.

At the moment the TDS GTNXi does not support Navigraph, it comes with a real world database, which is exactly what you would see and use in real life, cycle 2211.
do you plan on incorporating Navigraph into TDS GTNXi in the future ?
Thank you for your feature request, we can not promise anything for the future, but we have made a note of it. Please enjoy the TDS GTNXi!