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Full Version: Stand alone unit
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WIP Feature - Ability to display  Standalone mode when using VC Integrated aircraft (currently the VC integrated gauge will be black and this is a working in progress feature). This feature allows for running external hardware (RSG and others to be able to fully enjoy the autopilot and draw the GTN750Xi and GTN650Xi to a secondary monitor.
Requires creating a dummy text file called "Standalone.txt" in the installation path: "C:\ProgramData\TDS\GTNXi"
We plan on further expanding this feature and creating a more user friendly interface in future versions, but we have released this feature now so customers can enjoy this functionality.


In regards to the above...I own a Real Sim Gear 750 hardware unit and looking at the above I need to create a dummy text file to be able to see the the 750 integrated in the cockpit onto my secondary monitor (RSG 750 unit)

How do I create the dummy text file and what do I do with it apart from put it in the location specified?

Thank you


To create a dummy file, navigate to the installation path:

Right click on an empty space, New, Text Document, name is "Standalone.txt" and press Enter, that is it.

Please let us know how it goes.
Thank you...

I can now get them to work without crashing the sim...the 750 unit in the VC remains blank but I think you said that was a caveat of it until you find a fix...

Thank you..can now use my RSG unit in the sim for the selected aircraft.
Yes, that is correct, please enjoy the TDS GTNXi!