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Full Version: First Impressions Video
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I did a first impressions video that runs through using the GTNXi with the SR22 in MSFS.

There are definitely some things required to be able to stop using my P3D setup for proficiency...  Most of these items are Known to TDS and I am not harping on it.

The most obvious item is getting the GPS course and the Glide Path data into the sim.  Without it the Flight Director can't be flown in Approach mode and the PFD/AP modes are not matching what stage of flight you really are in... ie Pitch Mode when should be GPS on the Approach and the GP does not annunciate and instead you get the white GS that will never Register as captured.  Plane flies down on Autopilot but... well you get the point.  Looking forward to see this product Grow if you can get the support from Asobo to give you the hooks you need.