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Full Version: Installation Hickup
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When installing the GTNXi from the manager I ran into a bit of an "issue" and I wanted to share it with you so you can add it to the FAQ Smile

If you have the Garmin Trainer already installed on your computer (as I did) the Manager will see it and believe that it is installed and offers the Re-install..

After you install the TDS Application and it launches it will complain about not having access to the Trainer.  This is due to the fact that they NXi versions are not installed inside of the Garmin Trainer software.  I was using the trainer with the Non-Xi version and with the 375 (hey would be great if you enabled that unit as well  Big Grin ) so the check does see the garmin trainer but I had to manually add the NXi from the Garmin Launcher...

I am sure that if I ran the Re-install from the TDS manager that would have worked as well... but thought I would share..

Hello Les,

Thank you for pointing out this small issue, we just put it on the to do list for a proper fix! We appreciate your help and for letting us know about it!