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Full Version: TDS GTNXi featured in Carenado's Piper PA34T Seneca V
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The Carenado Piper PA34T Seneca V has been updated to include TDS GTNXi support!

As with all Carenado aircraft add-ons that feature TDS GTNXi support, selection of the TDS GTNXi is easily done via the virtual tablet that can be accessed from the copilot's footrest pocket.

To be able to benefit from the TDS GTNXi VC integration, please make sure to update to the latest version, number 1.5 from within MSFS, Content Manager!

[Image: cpic01.jpg]

I have an Issue in Carenado Seneca V, the TDS GTN Always stay in "gauge mode" even when is not activated. I use stan-alone mode only.


If you want to use stand alone mode, please remove the "tds-gtnxi-gauge" folder from the MSFS Community folder.
Thank you.