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Full Version: Long shot to cure the autopilot jitters
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I know is a very long shot, but I am writing this based in a similar situation we have a long time ago with a different kind of problem, that was resolved with the same idea. Again, I have no idea how all this is coded so I may be talking BS. The idea that occurred to me is that the jitters problem is due to some sort of number being sent/read from the simulator that is cut short in the numbers of decimals, or rounded up or something similarĀ and the cure is to send/read the number complete... just worth trying if that may be the solution... ?

Thank you for offering your input, we appreciate your interest in this problem. Unfortunately the problem is inside the core MSFS logic and not in the TDS GTNXi, we send many more decimal places than needed(a double variable which holds a lot more decimal places than a float variable).