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Full Version: Xpnd problems
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first of all, well done for your work. the product is really great.
I use it with the realsimgear it's a delight!

I nevertheless get some problems:
1. When I set a new transponder code. The value is correctly set but the code displayed on the gtn750 is always set to 0001.
no depend of aircraft choosen

2. when I select the xpnd mode to ´on' or ´alt' mode immediatly go back to ´standby'

anybody got the same issues ? do you have any workaround or idea to fix it?


Me too
yes I have the same issue after updating to version, I am pretty sure it was working fine before the update.
Also I can not change to monitor different radios, after I make some changes it will change by itself to a different setting...
Hello Francois,

Thank you for your nice words on the TDS GTNXi, we appreciate them and we are glad that you are enjoying the product.

We are currently investigating the issue and if there is a bug, we will release a new version.
Regarding the transponder problem, we have found the bug and we fixed it. A new version has already been uploaded,, please download and install this version.

ccapilot, if you are still having problems with the radio monitoring or anything else, please create a new thread and we will look into it. Thank you.
Now, that is excellent user support, few minutes after an issue is reported, it get corrected... so here is my experience with version so far:
- both issues are corrected (xpndr and audio panel), however two small issues remain:
1. can not set altitude reporting in the PA44, when I set alt reporting, the PA44 xpndr turns off can only set to ON, and in the King Air when I set altitude reporting, the king air xpndr is set to ALT but the green bar on GTN is not illum and XPNDR showing GND
2. the installed version is still showing as, even though the installation of was successful (very minor and not important)

Thanks a lot for that quick response. Next big improvement would be to fix the HSI to show CDI and GS deviations when in GPS mode...

Thank you for confirming the fixed issues and for your nice words. We strive to resolve all customer problems so they can enjoy the product.

Regarding the version number error, this has been fixed and the same files re-uploaded.

We will analyze the remaining transponder problems and as always, if there is something to be fixed, it will be fixed.
We have determined that the transponder altitude reporting mode bug occurs only when the airplane is on ground, as soon as you are in the air, the transponder mode functions properly.
If a fix will be implemented, we will post an update in this post.
Issues are solved on my side too !
Big big thanks to the TDS sim Team for your reactivity !
(06-10-2021, 08:50 AM)Francois Wrote: [ -> ]Issues are solved on my side too !
Big big thanks to the TDS sim Team for your reactivity !

Hello Francois,

We are glad that the new version solved all the issues. Please enjoy the TDS GTNXi, we are here to help in case you have any questions or problems.
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