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Full Version: Black Screen after 3 Days perfectly working
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That made me tired. After 3 days of perfect function, everything suddenly got dark. TDS GTNXi Flight Simulator with msfs2020 worked perfectly and then everything suddenly died. I've read the article in the forum and I've done everything with new installation and windows defender and antivirus but nothing works. Can someone help me please? A program that costs around 50 euros doesn't so annoy its owners. Regards. Farhad Mashregh-Zamini

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with the TDS GTNXi, we are actively working on a permanent solution to this matter and as soon as we have a working solution, we will post in this forum.
We have also received your email and we have replied to it, with instructions on how to temporarily get the TDS GTNXi working. Do not worry, we will get this problem resolved.

We have released version of the TDS GTNXi Flight Sim, it includes the first attempt at fixing antivirus warnings, can you please re download from the GPS Manager and reinstall. Please let us know if it works.