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Full Version: Panel always on top
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Is there a way I can always keep the GTNXi panel on top of the MSFS2020 screen, on a single monitor, so I can still use other aircraft mouse functions and not keep loosing sight of the GTNXi display?
Many thanks
Hello Dave,

This feature is not yet available, however, we are working on a pop-up keyboard shortcut, which would essentially show/hide the GTNXi with the push of a keyboard button, is this something that would work for you, or do you want the window to be always on?
With the VC integration by Laurin, you just need to press CTRL + TAB to bring the panel on top every time you need to make any change, works very well for me...
Thanks ccapilot and admin, I'll check the VC integration out. CTRL+TAB, of course! Excellent customer support here.
Kind regards
Thanks to Discord user Chris, there is a program that might do exactly what you desire: keep the TDS GTNXi on top while MSFS is running in the background: