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Full Version: Autopilot Shaking effect
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Do you think that problem will be fix soon?

Beside that ,this is the best add on software to integrate in my flight sim.

Thank you

Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate them.
Unfortunately we do not have any news on the autopilot at this time, as soon as we will have any news, we will let customers know.

Please enjoy the TDS GTNXi!
I found that in some aircraft this is more noticeable than others. If its too much to enjoy the flight, hook the GTN to the HDG instead of NAV1. It works beautifully. I use the default NAV 1 guidance for small aircraft, but I'm hooking the GTN to HDG on big ones (CS 777 and Default 787) and it is super smooth.
Thank you for your input, davidjrt, we have included the heading bug synchronization feature as an alternative. Please note, LPV approaches are not capable in this mode.