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Full Version: Class Echo and GTN750Xi
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Has anyone used the GTN750Xi and Shakeprint's Class Echo (hardware panel add-on) together? Anyone used the GTN750Xi with non-G1000 stock planes like the CJ4 (and TBM) or third party airplanes like the Goose or the upcoming DHC 6 Twin Otter (will it work)?
I have the Class Echo, and yes you can use both if that is what you mean. In terms of other aircraft, my understanding is that the TDSSim GTN is not aircraft dependent, it runs as a separate process outside of MSFS, then it hooks to the DEFAULT MSFS AUTOPILOT. If the aircraft you want to use has it's own implementation of an autopilot (WT CJ4 and Aerosoft CRJ), then the GTN will not be able to control the aircraft. In these cases you can still use the GTN for reference, just not for autopilot guidance.