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Full Version: Full Screen and more
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Running in MSFS and I cannot seem to show the GTN in full screen mode.  In addition, when not in full screen my keyboard does not work when the GTN is on my screen so I cannot use the key commands.  Also, why in the GTN650 is there no utilities, there is in the real world GTN650.
Hello Mauleflyer,

Let's take your questions one by one:

We are currently working on a keyboard shortcut option which would enable users to show/hide the GTNXi 750 or 650, this would allow you to use both MSFS and the GTNXi on the same screen.

The TDS GTNXi 650 includes a utilities page, however, this is a GTNXi and not a GTN, so the procedure to access it is a bit differently. From the home page, you have to swipe sideways, from the right to the left, in order to access the second group of pages, which include: Waypoint Info, Services, Utilities, System. This is just like in any smartphone or tablet! We strongly suggest that users read the real world GTNXi manual to get familiarized with the GTNXi functionality!

Good luck and if you have any other questions or problems, please let us know.
OK, since I only have one screen (32" wide), I will have to wait for the fix before I can use it.
Thanks to Discord user Chris, there is a program that might do exactly what you desire: keep the TDS GTNXi on top while MSFS is running in the background:
I'll give it a try today.  I sure hope it works.  I loved the Flight1 GTN in P3D.
It works perfectly!  Tell the world. 


Thank you for letting us know that this software works well. Please enjoy the TDS GTNXi!