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Full Version: unable to install
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my antivirus see.......

 "C:\Users\Utilisateur\Downloads\TDSGPSManager.exe" : SuspiciousBehavior.F670D39D1623D22E  !!!!!!!!!!!

during the first installation I had not had this problem

it's a real scumbag this virus

could you put online a clean version thank you otherwise I would not be able to use this product anymore


We are sorry that you are having problems with the installation. The TDS GTNXi and any of its files are not viruses, we do not ship anything suspicious.
All the files are checked before being uploaded and additionally we make sure to talk to antivirus companies in order to whitelist our files, by code signing them.

What you are seeing is a false positive and you can easily unlock/set an exception for the TDS GPS Manager, after which you can easily run the program.

Unfortunately this is the case with antivirus software.

If you have additional questions, please email us at:

Thank you.
sorry but impossible to install it I added an exception and even disabled my antivirus blocks it-I should uninstall my antivirus to get there-I will send your file to Bitdefender and we will see you will have their answer.

Thank you, we will try to get in touch with BitDefender as well.