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Full Version: Velocity XL - TDS GTNXi Full VC Integration
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We are proud to announce that the Black Square (published by Just Flight )has full support for the TDS GTNXi in single 750Xi configuration.

Starting with version 1.1 of the Velocity XL, the VC integration is selected automatically, no user interaction is required.
The Velocity XL developed by Black Square is a state of the art MSFS add-on, providing a high realistic rendition of the airplane, at the moment being one of the fastest propeller for MFS (400hp). We hope that customers will enjoy many virtual flights with the Velocity XL in combination with the TDS GTNXi.

The TDS GTNXi offers full lateral and vertical autopilot support, as well as vertical glide path needle control, making this a truly awesome simulation!

[Image: bksq_VelocityXL_TDS.jpg]