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Full Version: COM Channel Spacing setting
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There is a bug where the TDS doesn't save the COM Channel Spacing setting after unit shutdown. When I turn it on, the default one is 8.33kHz; since I mostly fly in the USA, I need to use the 25.00 kHz spacing. So I must go to the settings every time I turn the unit on. Not a big deal, but It would be nice not to do that every single time. 

Thank you.
Thank you for the report, we will look into it.
Was just going to my issue and found this thread.

I need the 8.33khz spacing I think as it is now used a lot in the UK

For instance tuning 123.23 (as per required frequency for tower) on my 750 defaults it straight away to 123.20.

How can I change to the it in the settings?
This is done from within the GTNXi unit, System Page, Setup, COM/NAV COM Channel Spacing.
Thank you...

Changed that, in the same screen what does the offset button do (plus or minus)


Which offset is it that you are talking about? Can you please give us some more details?