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Full Version: TDS GTNXi Performance Improvements
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The thread below includes three steps for improving TDS GTNXi performance:

Edit 04APR2022: Thanks to AirborneGeek for creating a YouTube video explaining all these performance steps in details:

Step 1:

Thanks to TDS GTNXi user and streamer Clumsy:

And with the great assessment pointed by Ryan Butterworth

We have been able to find a proper solution for customers experiencing performance degradation (FPS decrease) within MSFS and the TDS GTNXi.

As this problem occurs only on some machines and we can't correlate the exact cause, we can't have a general fix, but we can point users who experience problems to this fix.

To resolve the problem, you must add an exclusion to Windows Defender for two processes:

gtn_simulator.exe and FlightSimulator.exe

As described here:

When clicking on Add Exclusion, select Process and then type the name and the extension, as shown above or in the picture posted at the end of this link.

[Image: exclusion1.jpg] 

Step 2:
Note: Starting with MSFS SU10, the default rendering method is NanoVG, so this step is not needed!

Enable a different drawing algorithm inside MSFS. With the Developer Mode active, access the Options Menu, then under the Experimental section, check the "Use NanoVG for XML gauges"

This should decrease the load on the Main Thread and hopefully provide a performance increase using the TDS GTNXi as a VC Integrated option.

Step 3:
Note: Starting with TDS GTNXI V1.0.2.5 and GTNXi PC Trainer V20.30.8 (mandatory!), this step is not needed!

Make sure to disable GPU Hardware Scheduling, then reboot the PC for the changes to take effect:

We want to stand by our product and assist you in getting it running correctly, so please let us know how this bug fix works. Do not worry, we will get it solved, we always do!
But I use Bitdefender not windows defender - do I just add the same exceptions there?
(04-08-2022, 12:57 AM)vrflightsim Wrote: [ -> ]But I use Bitdefender not windows defender - do I just add the same exceptions there?

The exceptions would have to be added inside BitDefender, according to the BitDefender guide/manual.
For information, when I installed the TDS GTNXi one week ago, I had a fps drop.
Step 1 resolved the issue.
I'll try Step 2 later to see if I can gain some fluidity in the GTNXi display.
Step 3 was already applied on my PC.
I will be trying this later today after an appointment but I have Defender completely turned off. In fact I get nag screens to turn it on every time I turn on my PC.
Installed the tds gtn750xi today and had the same issues. Adding the exclusions to Defender was all it took to fix it. :-)

One question though. I am in the Milvis 310 and the GPS screens are very dull/dark and flat. Is there a way to increase the brightness/contrast? The TDS looks terrible compared to the PMS. See screenshots.


We do offer the ability to change the brightness in the TDS GTNXi. From the Home Page, navigate to the Systems Page, then press the Backlight button. From there you can change the value to whatever is desired.
The screenshot I attached was with backlighting turned up to 100%. As you can see something is not right. It almost looks like it has a haze over it. Is there an .xml file, .inf, or something I can edit? I have yet to try it in any other planes.
Hello, we did not have any reports on this problem, we are interested if other customers running the Milviz C310 experience the same issue.
For this we would recommend starting a new thread related to this issue, as this thread is related to the performance increase.

Yes, please test the TDS GTNXi in other integrated add-ons, to confirm the problem. Unfortunately we are not the makers of the C310, so we are unable to assist into manually modifying XML/INI files to make the backlighting work differently. What depends on us, we can change.
Will do. Thanks.
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