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Full Version: GTNXi connection Brevok 737 or standard A320
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Sometimes I like to fly a short route with these airplanes with just the aid of the GTNXi as flightplanner and connection with autopilot, so not fms
Know this is not realistic. Just wonder if this is possible. There are no GPS/Nav switches to choose from in both aircraft..

Thanks for your reply.

Kind regards,

Anton Will van Zoelen
There's nothing preventing you from trying it out and letting us know if it works or not.

Tried so far Aerosoft CRJ series, Brevok 737 en standard Airbus A320 to connect with NAV button and CDI on GPS on GTNXI 750 but so far no luck. Radioconnection works fine.
Could be because there is no GPS connection....

Settings in GTNXI 750:

Connect GPS to AutoPilot     NAV
Connect GPS to HSI OBS autoslew  ON
Connect GPS to VOR#   NONE

Kind regards,

Anton Will van Zoelen
The TDS GTNXi is not designed to work with large jetlines that have their own, custom FMS systems. While in some cases the product may work, in others it may not. Sorry for the undesired reply.